Voucher Gift Card is a convenient and fast way to buy cryptocurrencies on the MONETICA website.

If you want to get started in the world of cryptocurrencies and don’t know how to do it the voucher gift card allows you to buy small amounts of Bitcoin, Ethereum, MOM or USDT

What is a Voucher ?

What is a Voucher?
A voucher allows you to buy the Euro equivalent of a cryptocurrency.

You can buy it on our website, on our partners’ websites or at one of our authorised retailers, shops, stationers, newsagents.

It’s quick and easy: you will receive your unique gift card via instant online delivery. Once registered on our site, you can then convert the voucher into the cryptocurrency of your choice and keep it in your digital wallet.

Voucher Gift Card
Voucher Gift Card

What are the advantages of buying a Voucher Gift Card?

First of all, you can give it as a gift to someone to get them started exploring the world of cryptocurrency.

It’s safe because you don’t have to share your private details or bank account details when you buy it.

You have 180 days to redeem your Voucher Gift Card from the moment of purchase and it’s the easiest way to spend a little and start investing in cryptocurrencies.

How can I convert my gift card voucher into a cryptocurrency?

  • Go to the Monetica site registration page ( here )
  • Enter your details and follow the procedure
  • Once registered, go to the section dedicated to redeeming your gift card voucher ( here )

Done ! You can now store your cryptocurrencies in your digital wallet or choose to send them to your personal wallet.