Bitcoin and digital currencies

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What do we do

We offer a service for the purchase, sale and safekeeping of digital currencies.
With our electronic wallet it is possible to buy Bitcoin, Token, NFT by credit card and bank transfer.
Monetica is part of the Monetum group, a “bridge” between FIAT and digital currencies.
We believe cryptocurrencies should be used, not just explained.
Transactions must be simple and immediate so that they can become a valid aid to traditional payments, not replace them

Your digital identity

SPID, the Public Digital Identity System, is the solution that allows you to access all our services from your computer, tablet and smartphone.
If you already have a digital identity, log in with your operator’s credentials.

We preserve our planet

We plant trees to mitigate the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies

Always with you

With our App you follow the market trends and decide when to make your purchases and your sales.

Open your account

Create your portfolio

Enter and confirm your details, start your transactions immediately.

Send funds

You can buy Bitcoin and other digital currencies by credit card and bank transfer.

Buy, sell, observe

Buy and sell your digital coins, or simply store them in your wallet and wait for the value to increase …


Keep your cryptocurrencies safe

Institutional investors need regulated and solid partners. Our Custody service is based on multi-signature protocols and was created specifically for prime clients and institutions that require the highest level of security and compliance for their digital assets.

Security is our main goal

Transactions are protected and certified through the main security standards of European banking entities, for the custody of cryptocurrencies we rely on the major custody providers, fraud prevention is managed by the main industry control systems.

The world changes fast

We pay close attention to the evolution of digital goods and payments in general. Sometimes the changes are so sudden that it would be necessary to update, perhaps, even the very definition of “money” …

* monètica s. f. [comp. money and IT termination ; cf. the fr. monétique ]. – Term used to indicate the set of IT procedures that allow the transfer of purchasing power (electronic money), in the form of cash or credit towards third parties, through the use of personal magnetic cards and special reading devices connected to the electronic calculators of credit institutions.

* source: Treccani (https://www.treccani.it/vocabolario/monetica/)


Best effort

Our team is made up of people who love their work and believe in the evolution of digital markets. Our strength is the satisfaction of our customers.